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If you really want just a sample of Shakeology, then we will send you one.  The available flavors are Greenberry (currently out), Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry!  But I ask you to do one thing first; read the entire post below.  we believe you will find some very valuable information in this post that just might make you think.  Nonetheless, if you still want the free sample after reading this, you will find the instructions at the bottom of this post.  But again, read the entire post first…integrity speaks volumes.

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It never ceases to amaze me, the lengths that people will go to try a sample of Shakeology.  If you are reading this, then you are obviously looking for it because you have heard all the rave reviews about it.  You have seen the amazing results that other people have achieved by using it as a daily part of their nutrition program.  Word of mouth is a powerful thing, and the only thing I consider to be “truth in advertising.”  You certainly wouldn’t be seeking something out that people have given bad reviews on, right?

Truth is, if most people knew how Beachbody’s Bottom Of The Bag Guarantee actually worked, they would never waste their time searching the internet near and far for just a single Shakeology sample. Even worse, I’ve seen that there are some people that actually even end up paying others $7.00, $8.00 or more to have a one single serving sample shipped to them to “try out” and many times, it’s not even their first choice of flavor…what!?

Look, If you’re someone who is really interested in possibly trying Shakeology, then what I want to do is show you how all of that searching for samples is really just a big fat waste of time.

Why is that you ask? Because the truth is, you CAN “sample” the whole 30 Day Bag of your choice (Chocolate, Chocolate Vegan, Vegan Tropical Strawberry, or even Greenberry) for FREE (no, hear me out to see what I mean about this first) if you don’t end up liking it! Why would anyone settle for one measly little single serving when they can go ahead and actually drink the whole bag? Crazy, I know, but people do it everyday.

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Look – here’s the deal, basing your whole “I would like to try Shakeology” experience on one single serving Shakeology packet is not the way to go. Reason is this: You are making a serious health improvement type of decision on taste alone, which you should never really do. Should taste matter? Of course and Shakeology takes pride in it’s taste. I love the taste of the Chocolate and even make cookies, pie and pancakes with it, but RESULTS and not taste alone should be why you “try” Shakeology. And as far as health benefits and results go – it’s not an overnight one time only magic shake, so one sample isn’t enough. However, it will make huge changes in your health if you make it part of your everyday life. You really need more than just ONE TIME of drinking it to consider having sufficiently “tried” the product.

Here’s a news flash for you…you can actually do that for free…in terms of risk factor.

Here’s How! Step by Step

Step #1 – Order YOUR CHOICE of Shakeology below and choose HD or Home Direct as part of your selection. Why is this important? Because Beachbody only charges $2.00 for shipping (which is normally about 10-14 bucks) on monthly autoship. You can still cancel at any time and receive your money back within the first month as part of your bottom of the bag guarantee (first bag only).  Oh, and with HD, you get the benefit of our customized and individual nutritional coaching!  Heck, that’s worth the price of Shakeology alone!

Beachbody Challenge Winner Natalie Nichols

Beachbody Challenge Winner Natalie Nichols

Step #2 – Drink it! Drink it! Drink it! EVERYDAY! If using it for weight loss – replace one meal (your most common bad meal) every single day (be consistent) with Shakeology. Give it a fair “shake” so to speak. If you are really looking for some results and not just getting something for free, I think you will be pleasantly surprised. I have been drinking Shakeology every single day for nearly three years now and not only did I lower my weight, lower my cholesterol, strengthen my immune system, give me more energy, regulate me (and all that that implies) and help me get shredded abs, but I have felt SO MUCH BETTER the past three years than I have in I don’t know how many years.  I have not been sick, allergies have just about vanished.  Bottom line…I just feel great, and that can not be a coincidence.

If that is not enough, just look what it has done for Coach Natalie!

Step # 3 – Decision time; Here is where the “FREE” can come into play. If you have decided that Shakeology is not for you (and that’s okay) and for whatever reason you would like your money back just give Beachbody Customer Relations a call (at least three days prior to your next shipment date) and they will refund your money (less S & H). They won’t hassle you or make you feel bad or anything crazy like some other companies out there might do. It will take all but 3 minutes, Beachbody has excellent customer service (they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau) and they will honor your decision. So even though you did initially pay for Shakeology, you will end up getting your money back if it’s not for you and will be essentially making this a “free trial” of a WHOLE bag of Shakeology. So skip the sample – go this route and actually “try” the product the way it’s intended to be tried.

On the other hand, you might just get hooked and discover how much you really like this product, realize it’s benefits, and would like to continue using it as part of your journey to be healthier. Now, ofcourse, this does not make it FREE, but that brings me back to why you want to try it in the first place.  If so, you don’t have to do anything… since you chose HD, you will receive it every 30 Days like clock work so you never ever run out (that’s what I do). And remember, you will get free shipping as well which is really nice.

Now, take the time to watch this quick video about Shakeology, you’ll be glad you did.

Decision Time!

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If you don’t go this route and would still like a free sample, then click the link below for ordering instructions, and I will get you set up.

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